Circle K Clubs

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Circle K International is the largest student-led collegiate service organization in the world. It’s members work on community and environmental service projects to help change the lives of people living in communities where they go to school and around the world.

The students together decide what local projects each club will work on throughout the academic year. However, CKI also sponsors signature projects it would like college students to help with as they attend college. Currently, CKI and Unicef are sponsoring the WASH Project. The project is designed to help children and families access fresh drinking water and develop safe hygiene habits in underdeveloped countries.

Circle K members engage in efforts to raise awareness in their college and local communities of the hundred of thousands of children who die every year because they do not have access to clean water or proper sanitary conditions. The members also perform fundraising events to raise money to develop the infrastructure these poor communities need to prevent the death and illnesses that result from living in squalor.

The Kiwanis Club of Buffalo sponsors a Circle K Club at Canisius College. The club in the past has participated in the 6th Annual Skate-A-Thon at Canalside in downtown Buffalo to raise money for the Gliding Stars organization, co-hosted a SigEp Easter Egg Hunt originally planned to be held in April, 2020, and co-hosted a 50/50 raffle on campus with the USA Diversity Committee to raise funds for nonprofit organizations assisting first-generation students in the Buffalo area and the Say Yes and Buffalo Prep programs.

The activities not only helps the community but it also provides members with a way to develop organizational and leadership skills employers look for and it helps them build lifetime friendships and commitments.