Hertel-North Park Youth Baseball League

Boy running bases

The Kiwanis Club of Buffalo is a proud sponsor of the Hertel-North Park Youth Baseball League. The league was founded in 1954 by a group of volunteers and it has continually offered children the opportunity to play ball  at Shoshone Park on Hertel Avenue near Main Street since its inaugural season in 1957.

The league operates youth baseball and softball leagues for boys 4-15 and for girls 3-16-years-old. At last count, there were nearly 900 boys and girls playing on 62 teams in six different age-based divisions.  

In 2019, the Kiwanis Club of Buffalo supported the Tampa team in the Rookie Division made up of six and seven-year-old boys playing hardball. The team plays all its games at Shoshone Park. There are normally two games per week: one is on a weeknight and the other is on a Saturday from Mid-May to the beginning of July. The schedule for the Tampa team can be found here.